Twists offer you a rejuvenating effects and a range of physical and mental benefits. Particularly effective after sequences involving forward or backward bends, twists serve as balancing asanas. During your practice, it is necessary to maintain spine length, and initiating rotation from the core is the key to their effectiveness.

Incorporating twists into your practice yields numerous advantages:

  1. Twists stimulate the digestive system, following its natural course and     providing a gentle massage to internal organs. This aids digestion, cleanses the body, and leaves you feeling refreshed.
  2. Supporting spine flexibility and intervertebral disc circulation, twists prevent stiffness and promote overall spinal health. They also invigorate the nervous system, enhancing vitality.

It’s important to maintain an upright spine throughout the pose, with the chest lifted to avoid disc compression. Sitting on a folded blanket or cushion can further support alignment by elevating hips and the lower back. Initiating rotation from the thoracic spine, rather than forcefully twisting the head, ensures a safer and more effective practice. 

Let your heart lead, not your mind.

For example:

Marichyasana – Seated twist with extended leg: 

This pose offers a deep stretch to the spine while engaging the abdominal muscles, promoting digestion and detoxification.

Parivrtta Utkatasana -Twisted chair pose:

Combining the benefits of a chair pose with a twist, this asana strengthens the legs, core, and back while detoxifying the body and enhancing balance.

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