In this last class of Yoga Basics, we reflect on what we’ve learned. 

By understanding the alignment of asana gives you the power of selfceare during your practice. Within this essence you can tap into its transformative power to cultivate balance, peace, and well-being in your live.

Even yoga teachers like me are still students and devote time to their own yoga practices, staying open to learning.

Remember, whether you’re mastering the asanas, delving into meditation, or simply striving for inner peace, each step on this path is a step closer to realizing your true essence. 

Practice is the key! Finding Your Path within it.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re drawn to the physical challenge of asana practice or the spiritual aspects of meditation and self-inquiry, there’s a path of yoga that’s right for you. The key is to approach your practice with an open heart and a willingness to explore and discover what resonates most deeply with your own unique journey.

May your practice be filled with dedication, compassion, and the profound joy of discovering the boundless depths of your being.

Thank you! for joining me on this Yoga Basic journey. 

May you find joy and fulfillment.

Andrea Stern 

Download Yoga Basics Workbook by Andrea Stern here.

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