Dear Yogis,

Welcome to our upcoming yoga series: “Elemental Yoga Journey” Over the coming weeks, we will dedicate our practice to the five essential elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Aether.

This week, we embark on our journey with clarity and simplicity. We’ll briefly explore all five elements before delving deeper into each in the following weeks.

Earth: Ground yourself with stability, balance, and a strong foundation. Embrace poses that connect you to the earth and cultivate security and steadiness.

Water: Flow with fluidity, adaptability, and calmness. Explore gentle, flowing sequences and restorative poses that encourage relaxation and emotional release.

Fire: Ignite your inner fire. Experience transformation, strength, and willpower through dynamic sequences and powerful postures that build heat and energy.

Air: Explore breath, expansion, and lightness. Engage in pranayama and poses that promote openness and flexibility, enhancing your connection to the element of air.

Aether: Connect with space and infinite potential. Incorporate meditation and expansive poses to deepen your awareness and openness to the boundless.

Let’s discover together the unique qualities of each element and how they influence our bodies, minds, and spirits. By aligning with these natural forces, we can deepen our connection to the world and cultivate greater balance and harmony.

I look forward to sharing this elemental journey with you.

Andrea Stern

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