The love you show yourself enables you to love others. “Opening the heart” represents love for life, nature, and all people. Embracing everything with appreciation, mindfulness, understanding, acceptance, and warmth is significant in today’s world.

Backbends are the yoga postures known as “heart openers” because they stretch and open the chest area.

How to open your heart?

During a backbend, your chest is pushed forward, the sternum is lifted and anatomically opens up the entire front side of your body. This allows you to express what’s been protectively tucked away inside. As a result, your breathing reflexively becomes deeper, and the activity of the heart muscles increases. It’s common to experience a stronger heartbeat after completing a backbend.

The connection between your mental and physical well-being has a huge impact. The heart, as your body’s “engine,” illustrates this connection. Your feelings, emotions, and love are intertwined. Do you remember how it feels to be in love? Your heart dances full of joy. On the flip side: the sadness when a loved one left you. These experiences often build protective barriers around the heart. Healing comes through compassion, trust, and love.

The ability to be open-hearted and show vulnerability as humans is what makes you strong.

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